Add an extended coverage plan to Panda X1 Standard 2-Year Warranty


Panda X1is designed to be a sturdy and permanent addition to your home, and when purchased from an authorized seller, she also comes with an unrivaled 2-year warranty on both herself and her battery. This limited warranty does not cover consumables such as mops and filters, but for your added comfort and peace of mind, we offer multiple extended coverage options that you can choose from during the first 4 weeks of receiving Panda Pet.

Panda X1 repair coverage plan

The Checkup Plan complements the two-year basic warranty by covering all shipping costs associated with a checkup and stretches the basic warranty to cover the consumable parts of panda as well (the basic warranty does not cover consumable parts).

With this $99 purchase, we will take care of all shipping costs if you need to send your panda for a checkup during the 24-month basic warranty period. Also, the replacement of panda’s consumable parts during checkup will be covered.


replacement plan Panda Pet

Was panda cleaning your garage when you accidentally drove over her? With the Replacement Plan, panda is insured against any damage, theft or other accidents. Whatever the cause of your panda's accident may be, just contact us and we will send a brand new and shiny panda to your doorstep, at a small service charge of $69. Sounds great, right? What makes this coverage plan irresistible is that the replacement panda comes with a brand new two-year warranty; so that’s pretty much like buying a new Panda Pet!


How often do you like to change your work clothes? Panda Petis all about cleanliness. A regular cleaning of her brushes and dustbin ensure that she cleans best for you too. But after a while her brushes, filters and mop start getting older and that’s when panda would appreciate a replacement of her work clothes. Although the frequency of replacing panda’s consumable parts depends on how often she is used for cleaning, a quarterly replacement would be ideal.

You will receive four new sets of consumable parts, which are like panda's work clothes: new filters, main brushes, side brushes, and new mops. With easy instructions on how to replace the filters, brushes, and the mop, your panda will look as if she just got a designer upgrade to her wardrobe. Keep your panda good looking and shiny and she will do the same to your floors!


panda's master coverage plan - panda warranty

You do not have to pay for all three of the coverage plans to have a complete peace of mind. You can have it all with the Master Plan: you will get the 3 plans (Replacement + Checkup + Rejuvenation) at a fraction of the cost. Purchasing this plan is equivalent to purchasing all three of these plans individually: Replacement plan, Checkup Plan and Rejuvenation Plan.