How-to Guides: all about operating Panda Pet


The more you know about Panda’s features and functions, the more you can enjoy her place in your home. Watch and follow along to any of these guided how-to videos to see exactly how best to treat each part of your Panda.


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Add an extended Coverage Plan to your Panda Pet's Standard Warranty


Every Panda Pet adopted from an authorized seller is backed by one of our exclusive warranties on both herself and her battery. Panda Pet’s Standard Warranty covers her for a full two years.

Both Panda Classic’s and Panda Pets’ warranties do not cover consumables such as mops and filters, but for your added comfort and peace of mind, we offer multiple extended coverage options that you can choose from during the first 4 weeks of receiving Panda.


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Order Panda's parts and accessories


From mopping pads and filters to batteries and wheels, you can order any and all of Panda’s parts and accessories here at our online store!


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buy parts for Panda robotic vacuum cleaner and mop by bobsweep



Troubleshoot Panda at home


If you ever notice that Panda is not her usual self, don’t worry! Panda is equipped with an advanced self-inspection software that easily diagnoses exactly what is troubling her. Even if Panda's issue requires surgery, such as a replacing one of her wheels, you can take care of her right at home with the help of our step-by-step repair videos!


Troubleshoot Panda


troubleshoot Panda



Fix Panda at home!


Panda’s modular design lends her to easy maintenance and repair since each of her parts can be modified independently of the others. With the help of our comprehensive, step-by-step, fix-it videos, anyone can become a Panda engineer! Fixing Panda, rarely as it may be required, is straightforward, engaging, and educational. Home repair allows you to keep Panda in your care and control; call or email our expert support team at any time if you ever want additional assistance with these processes!


Fix Panda


Fix Panda


Contact our helpful support team


Our team stands by ready to help! You can reach us by phone or e-mail with questions, concerns, or even just to say hello to the bObsweep team. We love hearing from Panda’s owners to know how she’s doing in a new place! Contact us now!

Call us toll free at 1-888-549-8847 for support in Canada and the United States. Our phone lines are open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 5 pm PST and we rest on weekends and major holidays (Bob and Panda are not the only ones who need to recharge!). You can also shoot us an e-mail at or fill out our online contact form.


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Owner's Manual


Download the latest version of Panda's Owner's Manual. 


Panda X1 Manual                      Panda X1 Manual



Panda's Manual



Share your Panda stories with us!


Panda brings home happiness everywhere she goes! And each home has a different tale to tell about it. She can be best buds with your pets, your child’s favorite white noise machine, and your own personal cleaning-companion-turned-lifesaver. How has Panda changed your home?


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Register Panda


Congratulations on your new Panda!

Register Panda now to add her to our streamlined warranty database. This way, if you ever have a concern, we can resolve issues quickly with the information you provide here — almost like Panda’s “patient history”!

Registering Panda gives us immediate proof of your warranty and helps our customer support team get Panda back on her wheels in no time!





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