Tech made simple


Panda Pet’s user-friendly interface is streamlined for your everyday needs — unleash all of her deep cleaning powers with just three touchscreen buttons.


Panda pet robot vacuum and mop




Made to multitask


Panda eliminates all traces of furry follicles as she vacuums, sweeps, mops, filters, and disinfects the floor — all at the same time.



Panda pet robot vacuum and mop has a 5 in 1 cleaning system




Customize your clean


Set Panda Pet’s programmable schedule and she will self-start at any time you want, whether you’re on the go or just winding down on the couch.



Panda pet robot vacuum and mop


3 buttons, 3 ways to get moving

GO! - covers a wide area

Use GO! regularly to eliminate every trace of pet hair, dander, and debris in your home. All of Panda’s cleaning patterns activate in this mode.

WAFFLE - targets a fresh spill

Be ready for surprises! Choose WAFFLE for small accidents and other localized messes as they occur in otherwise tidy spaces.

JUICE - finds charging station and plugs in to refuel battery

Panda automatically juices up when her energy level hits 15%. Use JUICE to show your family and friends how self-sufficient Panda Pet is. What else in your home charges itself?


Panda classic robot vacuum and mop




Always juiced for the job


Panda already knows how to take care of herself; she auto-returns to her charging station when her energy is low, so you don’t have to lift a finger.



Panda classic robot vacuum and mop


Sweeping never looked so suave


Petite yet powerful You’ll never lift a couch again: thanks to Panda’s slim dimensions, she slides under bulky furniture with ease.

A touch of luxury Glide your hand across Panda Pet’s silky TouchMe™ texture and feel the difference quality design leaves on the senses.

Glossy finish Comes in two stunning shades: vibrant Scarlet and deep, reflective Silver.

Eco-loving design Panda Pet is RoHS compliant, meaning she is free of hazardous materials many electronics contain. She also reduces waste by packing powerful tech inside a compact package.


Panda pet robot vacuum and mop


Seamless navigation


Wall-to-wall coverage Panda Pet’s heavy-duty side brush flings pesky dust bunnies out of the baseboards and into her dustbin.

Always gets the dirt Highly sensitive dirt sensors detect layers of dust, dirt, and grime invisible even to the naked eye.

Savvy sensors Thanks to a network of over 80 sensors on her front, sides, and bottom, Panda Pet is equipped to handle any drops or obstacles crossing her path.

Everlasting endurance With an upgraded X-AMPLIFIED battery, Panda Pet scrubs, sweeps, and sanitizes your floors more thoroughly than ever before.


Panda classic robot vacuum and mop





Panda blOck keeps everything in line


Create smart barriers with Panda blOck. Place blOck along the area you want Panda to avoid, and she will clean around it as if you drew an invisible boundary across the room.



Panda classic robot vacuum and mop